JUNE 23, 2021

Xerona Duke Phillips 

Intellectual Property & Entertainment lawyer 

Xerona pointed out that the major differences between those that are intentional about their career and those that aren’t are ‘consistency’ and ‘discipline’. 
It is a legit fact that multi billionaires have a routine. The process is not glam! 

She also shared some steps into navigating our way into an intentional career path: 

1. Self analysis – who am I? 
2. Know what skills you have
3. What are your personal goals for yourself. 


Xerona Duke Phillips is a lawyer qualified to practice in Nigeria and New York, USA, and presently works as a media & entertainment, intellectual property lawyer. 

She graduated with an LL.B. Honours from the University of Nottingham, an LL.M. with Distinction from the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School and holds a Certificate in Business and Law from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. 

In addition to her legal pursuits, Xerona is also a songwriter and music producer as well as a New York Film Academy certified film director and producer.

“You set the tone. You set the culture”