JUNE 02, 2021

Chioma Onyiuke 

Strengths Strategist 

 In this episode of Wonder Woman Wednesday, Chioma advised that in order to achieve our purpose we need to :

1. Explore your core. Ask yourself ‘who am I’? 
2. Engage with your story. This is also known as ‘the golden thread’. It is a collection of your life experiences. 
3. Ask yourself what problem you are created to solve. 
4. Assess your impact and how you can add value. 

Chioma Onyiuke is a Certified Strengths Strategy and People Acuity Coach for female business owners. She helps them master and leverage their strengths to uplevel their leadership and experience in expansion in their businesses. 

Coach Chioma obtained an LLB from the University of Wolverhampton, UK and commenced her career at the firm of Udo Udoma and Bello Osagie.
She has 14 years combined customer service, human resources and advertising experience.

Chioma is a survivor of a rare form of ovarian cancer called Yoke sac tumor. Since then, she decided to pursue a life dedicated to helping others make their way out of life’s challenges and discover their innermost strengths and thus use them to live a purposeful and intentionally fulfilled life.

“Do it afraid